Browsing SharePoint libraries using WebDav

Using an application on our desktops (Windows 7) we wanted to save directly to our SharePoint 2010 libraries using the WebDav protocol.
After a few tests things seemed to work for uploading documents directly using this method, but after pushing it out to some of our users we ran into unsuspecting trouble.

A short term solution was to manually browse to the folder first using the ‘Open with Explorer’ method. This solved the issue, but we couldn’t have users doing this every time they restart their computer.

Unsure what to look for a magical google search produced this thread which pointed me in the right direction.

All that we needed to do was manually start the WebClient service on the computer. Once this service is running everything worked perfectly. After a couple more tests we verified this, then pushed out the settings to automatically start the service on startup via a GPO.

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