Delete technician from drop down assign menu Manage Engine ServiceDesk Plus

How to delete a technician from the drop down assign ticket menu in Manage Engine ServiceDesk Plus.

Connect to the database.

Run this query to get the technician ID’s.

Select au.user_id"Userid",au.first_name"Name",sd.status"Status",hc.technicianid"Technician ID" from HelpDeskCrew hc left join AaaUser au on hc.TECHNICIANID=au.USER_ID left join AaaLogin al on al.USER_ID=au.USER_ID left join SDUser sd on sd.USERID=au.USER_ID

Then delete them from the helpdeskcrew table.

delete from helpdeskcrew where technicianid=’$insertTechnicianIdHere’;


We had one error come through with a purchase request & order being created by one of the staff, I had to delete this request and order before it would let me delete them from this table.


Restart the application once done, and all good!

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