Run New-PSSession as Scheduled Task

An internal error occurred. PSInvalidOperationException + FullyQualifiedErrorId : CreateRemoteRunspaceFailed After literally 2 hours bashing my head why a scheduled task would not run as a service account. But worked fine with normal account. Granting the ‘Allow log on as batch job’, ‘Allow log on locally’, and even adding the account to the Local Administrators group […]

Restore Dumpster Items from Exchange 2013 Backup

Restoring mail from the ‘Recover Deleted Items’ section aka the dumpster from an Exchange 2013 Backup database. All of the following commands were run through the Exchange Management Shell. This is easiest done if the database & log folder have been restored (we used Backup Exec 2014) to a local drive on the Exchange Database […]

Mailbox Size and Item Count Report – Exchange 2010

Set the following PowerShell report to run on the last day of each month with task scheduler using ‘PowerShell -command C:\MonthlyEmailReport.ps1’ The report will output like following to email:   Total Views: (258)

Delete an email from ALL mailboxes in Exchange 2010/2013

Woke up this first thing this morning to see a little spam email from ‘St George Auto Motive Finance’ about a ‘Statement of Account’. Crap, I need to delete this email from all our mailboxes in our Exchange 2010 organisation. I’ve recently added a Exchange 2013 example as well. That isn’t good. So an email […]

Recover deleted items in Exchange 2010

How to recover deleted items in Exchange 2010 using the Exchange Management Shell. Today one of our users accidentally deleted all of their sent items… Usually this wouldn’t be a problem as they are easily recovered in Outlook 2010 from the ‘Recover Deleted Items’ which is under Folder tab. However that is exactly where the […]

Outlook prompts for SharePoint user credentials

Outlook prompts for SharePoint credentials user credentials on every start up. Our site consists of the following: Internet Explorer 9 SharePoint 2010 Outlook 2010 Outlook Anywhere Having connected SharePoint calendars to Outlook 2010 a prompt for user credentials to the SharePoint server would appear each time Outlook is started. This would sometimes prompt multiple times depending […]

Outlook prompting credentials after server restart

After rebooting our SBS 2011 box, all users were constantly prompted for credentials. If you clicked cancel and then double-clicked the ‘Need password’, it would go away for roughly ~30 seconds before re-appearing. After checking all the required exchange services were running, and restarting the RPC Client Access service (all our clients connect via RPC/Outlook […]

Room Mailbox Delegate Not Working – Exchange 2010

Microsoft Exchange 2010 – Delegating a room mailbox to a user for approving meeting requests. Here are the settings I needed to get this to work as intended. Total Views: (25815)

How to remove auto-mapping in Exchange 2010

How to remove auto-mapping in Exchange 2010 (the SP1 ‘feature’). I recently had to deal with a user adding a second exchange mailbox that corrupted every single day. This issue went on for literally months as I attempted various fixes. The strange part was there were 4 other users that also added this second exchange […]

Assigning permission to access only one folder in Outlook

Setting/assigning permission to access only one sub-folder in Outlook 2010 , without assigning the user permission to the Inbox or any other folder. 1. First, make sure the folder you want to assign another user access to is directly below your mailbox, not below your inbox. 2. Right-click your main mailbox and select ‘Folder Permissions’. 3.  Select […]