Remote Desktop Services

Installing Desktop Experience on Server 2012 R2 core after patching

So it seems like if you have originally installed a Windows 2012 R2 Core Server, then added the required GUI roles, then patched the server up to date, it can become extremely hard to install particular features that will be listed as ‘Removed’ rather than just Unavailable/Not Installed. After spending way too many hours, in […]

Shadow RDS Session PS Script for Helpdesk Staff

I wrote this PowerShell script so that our Helpdesk staff were able to view the Remote Desktop Sessions on our 2012 RDS Hosts and shadow them. The¬†script queries the RDS farm with Get-RDUserSession by invoking this command on your Mangement Server (that has the RDS Tools installed), then starts¬†mstsc with the appropriate session ID […]