Update SharePoint list from CSV File using Powershell

Updating a SharePoint list from a CSV File using PowerShell. Only update the matching list items,¬†does not create new entries. This checks the SharePoint list for the two columns, ‘Employee’ and ‘Titlex’ – and then will update them matching the csv file to the ‘givenName + sn’ fields. It updates only the ‘Primary Program’ SharePoint […]

Browsing SharePoint libraries using WebDav

Using an application on our desktops (Windows 7) we wanted to save directly to our SharePoint 2010 libraries using the WebDav protocol. After a few tests things seemed to work for uploading documents directly using this method, but after pushing it out to some of our users we ran into unsuspecting trouble. A short term […]

Missing metadata properties in Document Library

After splitting up one of our document libraries in SharePoint 2010 into multiple libraries a user noticed that upon viewing the properties of the document, the metadata fields were completely missing! Oh crap!   Searching on Google brought various results but nothing particular to our case, mostly people uploading different versions of documents and having […]

Outlook prompts for SharePoint user credentials

Outlook prompts for SharePoint credentials user credentials on every¬†start up. Our site consists of the following: Internet Explorer 9 SharePoint 2010 Outlook 2010 Outlook Anywhere Having connected SharePoint calendars to Outlook 2010 a prompt for user credentials to the SharePoint server would appear each time Outlook is started. This would sometimes prompt multiple times depending […]