Squid NTLM and AD Authentication

The final undocumented step of configuring Squid 3 NTLM (Active Directory) Authentication. Depending on the order of installing squid3/winbind/samba your NTLM may not work even though all the acl’s are set up correctly and winbind is reporting AD users and groups perfectly via wbinfo -u Edit /etc/group – find the line containing winbindd_priv and ensure the proxy […]

Configuring VLAN’s between Cisco and Netgear switches

We recently acquired some new Cisco 2960-S (24-port Gigabit PoE) switches to add to our inventory to be used for a mix of workstations and phones. The switch was installed fine with a bunch of computers sitting on a temporary switch were moved to it immediately.  All was well for a few weeks. The need […]