Cannot Insert Object ActiveX Control – Excel 2010

Recently received the error message ‘Cannot Insert Object’ when trying to add an ActiveX Control to a new excel document, and also when trying to use controls from existing documents.

Thanks to an unrelated issue I found the following post which described the exact issue I was  having.

The simple solution.
Uninstall Security Update for Microsoft Office KB2553154

Start -> Control Panel -> Programs and Features -> View Installed Updates -> Right-Click-> Uninstall.

To remove this from all computers in a domain:
Open the WSUS console, right-click on Updates and click Search. Type in 2553154 and click Find Now. Right-click on the Security Update and click Approve… then right-click on the All Computers group and select ‘Approved for Removal.‘ Make sure this applies to any groups you have below and press Okay!

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Browsing SharePoint libraries using WebDav

Using an application on our desktops (Windows 7) we wanted to save directly to our SharePoint 2010 libraries using the WebDav protocol.
After a few tests things seemed to work for uploading documents directly using this method, but after pushing it out to some of our users we ran into unsuspecting trouble.

A short term solution was to manually browse to the folder first using the ‘Open with Explorer’ method. This solved the issue, but we couldn’t have users doing this every time they restart their computer.

Unsure what to look for a magical google search produced this thread which pointed me in the right direction.

All that we needed to do was manually start the WebClient service on the computer. Once this service is running everything worked perfectly. After a couple more tests we verified this, then pushed out the settings to automatically start the service on startup via a GPO.

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La Dispute – Stay Happy There Lyrics

La Dispute – Stay Happy There Lyrics

Album: Room of the House (2014)

If I could play back every moment to you now
Spend lovesick and swollen on
Mornings mincing garlic on the counter by the sink
If I could hit the instant replay
Or know the every good day would any other catch you by surprise

When you say something is missing now, that’s what came back to me
Normal mornings like that and the night that I thought I’d forget where I left it
Making breakfast put coffee on the stove and scour every cabinet for the knife.

Don’t be shy
Don’t be kind
Somewhere snow collects and bends the boughs of pines

But doesn’t it seem a bit wasteful to you to throw away all of the time we spent
Perfecting our love in close quarters and confines
Isn’t it wasteful and I am terrified that it doesn’t feel painful to me yet
Somewhere on top of the high-rise there’s a women on the edge of a building at the ledge
and traffics backing up on 35
Its alright, I will fix whatever is not for sweetness in your life – just sit down
Please, sit down, here at the table and we’ll talk somewhere televisions light up in the night

I know things weren’t right
Maybe we were never cut out for the Midwest life
Maybe we’d have done much better on the coast
There are certain things I doubt we’ll ever know
I know you were getting tired of my drinking
I guess I was never cut out for the coke scene
and you worried I would end up like your father
and tired of the smoke and somewhere the wind blows

Somewhere a storm touches down north in Hudsonville
Somewhere the coffee starts to boil on a stove
And somewhere the wind blows
Somewhere the river levels finally getting low
Somewhere I’m up past dawn ’till
Somewhere you’ll live here, still somewhere you’ve already gone
Somewhere a radio is playing in a living room, says the city lacks the funds to fix the bridge
Somewhere the deer overruns so there introducing wolves back on the ridge
And from here in the kitchen I can here the neighbors in the alley hanging linens
and the men collecting trash bins in street
Your speaking to me, but I can’t understand you
The coffee is burning and all the times that we spent
That road trip out west
Through desert for the rest stops the kitsch we both collect
That winter the whole weekend we get we huddle by the stove
The cabin I had rented the unexpected snow
That visit for Christmas on television binges
We’ll see friends in Brooklyn
Drive south to Richmond
There’s traffic on the bridge, a woman on the ledge
and everywhere the wind, everything is happening at once.

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RD Web Can’t Remote to PC externally

After installing a new Windows Server 2012 and setting up Remote Web Access (RD Gateway) and testing internally everything worked perfectly.

However when trying to remotely connect to a computer externally you can see the remote connection is just appearing as if you were trying to do this normally – not connecting via the gateway.

A quick search lead me here which had the easy fix for this!

1. Open IIS Manager
2. Browse down to Sites -> Default Website -> RDWeb -> Pages
3. While Pages is highlighted click on Application Settings.
4. Edit the DefaultTSGateway field and insert the external domain of the gateway into the value (eg. This should match your SSL certificate.
5. Press Ok  – all done! No IIS restart required, too easy 🙂

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Install Trend Micro WFBS 8.0 on Windows Server 2012 R2

After attempting to install Trend Micro WFBS 8 on our new Windows Server 2012 R2 installation I recieved the error of ‘unable to install .NET Framework 3.5’ or something similar. ‘Easy fix’ i thought, and downloaded the 3.5 and 4.0 .NET Frameworks – however neither of these would install.

A quick search led me to the following commands which I was able to use to install the required Framework after mounting the 2012 R2 ISO to the server.

C:\Windows\system32>dism.exe /online /enable-feature /all /featurename:NetFX3 /Source:D:\sources\sxs

Deployment Image Servicing and Management tool
 Version: 6.3.9600.16384

Image Version: 6.3.9600.16384

Enabling feature(s)
 The operation completed successfully.

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Squid NTLM and AD Authentication

The final undocumented step of configuring Squid 3 NTLM (Active Directory) Authentication.

Depending on the order of installing squid3/winbind/samba your NTLM may not work even though all the acl’s are set up correctly and winbind is reporting AD users and groups perfectly via wbinfo -u

Edit /etc/group – find the line containing winbindd_priv and ensure the proxy user is added to the end. For example our line says winbindd_priv:x:120:proxy

Restart squid and bingo, NTLM with now work perfectly 🙂

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Missing metadata properties in Document Library

After splitting up one of our document libraries in SharePoint 2010 into multiple libraries a user noticed that upon viewing the properties of the document, the metadata fields were completely missing! Oh crap!

2013-11-19 15_18_49-Editing properties document.docx (Protected View) - Microsoft Word


Searching on Google brought various results but nothing particular to our case, mostly people uploading different versions of documents and having troubles.

After jumping into SharePoint Designer I began comparing a working library with a defunct one. A short time later I had noticed a small difference.

The default content type had a specified location under the ‘Display Form/Edit Form’ settings. If you view the content type properties in a web browser the settings won’t display as the content type was set to read-only, but viewing these in Designer shows the settings regardless.

All I had to do was ‘Allow Modifications’ in Designer (or select no to read only in a browser), then remove the Display and Edit form locations, save the settings, then set to read only again!

Presto, crisis aborted.

2013-11-19 15_23_04-http___perapp02_sites_eDMS

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WordPress Permalinks and Cloudflare 404s

I recently set up a website on a DigitalOcean VPS and connected to the domain to ButtFlare for it’s CDN caching. After the wordpress theme was set up a bit I turned on permalinks – and this caused 404’s on every page! (except the index). How strange… a quick google search showed some people altering their wordpress installation to point to instead of just – and this may have helped, but definitely didn’t solve my issue.

Checking the apache logs on the host shows the redirect working, but logging the error ‘file does not exist’ for the pages.

After searching way too long I came across this post on the WordPress forums which mentioned to change the AllowOveride setting in the apache config to ‘all‘  instead of ‘none – bingo!

The setting can be found in /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/000-default under the virtual host’s <directory /var/www/>  (note the ending slash is included).

2013-11-18 22_48_32-root@inklocations_ _var_www_wp-content_themes_ink

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Monitoring RWW Connections

Recently scouring the internet for a way to monitor login/logout (connect/disconnect) of Remote Web Workplace connections through our SBS 2011 server proved to be a little problematic.
I found solutions such as RWWGuard/RWWProtect but it only seemed to support older SBS versions or had a purchase price.

Other links suggested searching through the IIS logs – but this didn’t seem efficient at all.

After a little more searching I found this post which detailed the location of the event viewer logs – excellent!

I came up with the following solution:

1. Open up Event Viewer (eventvwr.msc)

2. Expand Applications and Services Logs ->Microsoft -> Windows -> TerminalServices-Gateway -> Operational

Now you can see all the logs of connections and disconnections including time, username, ip connecting from, computer name connecting to, session length and session usage (bytes).2013-10-09 15_30_00-persbs01 - Remote Desktop Connection

But this wasn’t a completely perfect method as I wanted to do this a little quicker each time.

3. Right-click on Operational and select Create Custom View

4. Tick the Event level: Information box, and change <All Event IDs> to 302, 303 and press Ok

2013-10-09 15_28_50-persbs01 - Remote Desktop Connection

5. Name the custom view something relevant such as Remote Gateway Logging.

You’ll now be able to easily access the view each time you start event viewer!

2013-10-09 15_31_47-persbs01 - Remote Desktop Connection

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