Assigning permission to access only one folder in Outlook

Setting/assigning permission to access only one sub-folder in Outlook 2010 , without assigning the user permission to the Inbox or any other folder.

1. First, make sure the folder you want to assign another user access to is directly below your mailbox, not below your inbox.

2. Right-click your main mailbox and select ‘Folder Permissions’.


3.  Select ‘Add…‘ and choose the user you would like to assign access to (who will be viewing the folder).

4. Choose ‘Reviewer‘ if they are to only view the folder and not edit anything.


5. Right-click the actual folder the user needs to view and select ‘Properties‘.


6. Once again select ‘Add…‘ and choose the user, set the permissions again to ‘Reviewer’ or the same as you chose previously in step 4.


7. You will now notice the folder has been shared with the default windows sharing icon.


8. To add this now shared folder into the viewing users Outlook.

In the users Outlook 2010;

  • Select ‘File’‘Account Settings’Account Settings…
  • Double-click the email account
  • Select ‘More Settings…
  • Click the ‘Advanced‘ tab
  • Choose ‘Add…
  • Type your name (or mailbox name)
  • Select Okay and Apply.
  • Your mailbox name should now appear in the sidebar, once expanded it will only show the folder in which permissions were assigned!

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Check who stalks your facebook

Check who stalks your facebook

Ever wanted to know who has been stalking your facebook profile?

I’ve recently stumbled across this internet sensation… I thought I’d list how to do it for yourself in a few easy steps.

1. Login to your facebook account, press the dropdown arrow in the top right corner and select ‘account settings’.


2. Select ‘Security‘ on the left hand side and turn ‘Secure Browsing‘ to off.

security settings

3. Go back to your homepage, and make sure your address bar states “http://” instead of “https://

4. Drag the link below onto your favourites or bookmark bar.

Facebook Friends

5. Click the newly created ‘Facebook Friends’ while on your facebook page to display your list of stalkers!

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