Shadow RDS Session PS Script for Helpdesk Staff

I wrote this PowerShell script so that our Helpdesk staff were able to view the Remote Desktop Sessions on our 2012 RDS Hosts and shadow them. https://github.com/Nostalgiac/Scripts/blob/master/Shadow-RDSSession.ps1 The script queries the RDS farm with Get-RDUserSession by invoking this command on your Mangement Server (that has the RDS Tools installed), then starts mstsc with the appropriate session ID […]

Last User Logged In To Computer with SCCM and Powershell

Recently tasked with getting a list of all users who were last logged into a computer, and then finding their department (AD department attribute) based on that user account. This is to get the department each computer is associated with so they can be cost-coded to. Add and run the following query into SCCM under […]

Update SharePoint list from CSV File using Powershell

Updating a SharePoint list from a CSV File using PowerShell. Only update the matching list items, does not create new entries. This checks the SharePoint list for the two columns, ‘Employee’ and ‘Titlex’ – and then will update them matching the csv file to the ‘givenName + sn’ fields. It updates only the ‘Primary Program’ SharePoint […]